See their Real Wedding. The six traditional rites involved in a Chinese wedding are as follows: [naahp chói] (nacai) - formal proposal [muhn mìhng] (wenming) - giving of the eight characters of prospective bride to the groom's side [naahp gàt] (naji) - placement of the eight characters at the ancestral altar to confirm compatibility Sign In. But the most standard one will be the three letters and the six rules. Where were we heading?? Browse the directory and start planning today! Lombok: Kidnapping the Bride Another unique wedding tradition in Indonesia originates from Sasak tribe in Lombok. Two days later, she will visit her parent’s home as a guest, having been fully accepted into her husband’s family. In this first part of the guide, we return to our roots and look at five of the most common Chinese wedding traditions that are still practiced today. But despite the mind-boggling economics linked with Chinese weddings, they are still quite steeped in tradition. Hi Netty,I read your long post...interesting read :) Many things to remember and do. The soon-to-be newlyweds then bow to the bride’s parents and return to the groom’s house. After this small, private gathering, everyone heads to the church for the wedding. SHARE ON: Facebook. It was just to toss & cheer the Groom & Bride for their blissful marriage :) and no one from Groom's family was allowed to see or attend this little ceremony! I kissed my mum in law to symbolise that I'm under her care now. We believe that The God of House protects our home from fire, robbery, family disharmony, etc.. The difference was that my husband was serving tea to my parents, not me serving.. Again, no one from my husband's family was allowed to witness this.. That's the culture! The soup was very very sweet. Mutus Karo and berasan are the traditions of the people of Palembang before the wedding. I am getting married soon and we plan on keeping our wedding flowers just as you did. German newlyweds might saw a log in half to represent their first challenge as a couple. Firecrackers will be set off to mark their arrival at their new home and a red mat is placed out for the bride so that her feet don’t touch the ground on her way into the house. Okay, this one is a pee-poo-pot or a Chinese baby's toilet.. Chinese babies pee and poo here in this red pot in the old days. In China it is often somewhat different. The ceremony is complete when the couple bow to each other. Here are some beautiful Chinese wedding traditions you will love. I'm about 5'9 (175-176 cm), and that's the reason, my mum hired models haha... serving foods to all my direct family members to show my respect to elderly. It's the tradition for wedding luck & blissful marriage :). Our direct family members (mum, dad, oldest auntie, sister, brother) were walking down the red carpet towards the wedding stage, They're Indonesian professional models & dancers.. She's my new mum now! This also holds a double-purpose as it is tradition in China that when the newlyweds are later invited to the weddings of their guests, they will be expected to gift them a higher sum of money than they were given. The Craziest Wedding Traditions From Around the World. The parents of the bride and groom and other senior family members will follow the couple in … Brides may change outfits between the ceremony and the banquet and then often change multiple times during the course of the dinner festivities. Weddings are a time for traditions. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Basically my husband had to serve my aunties, uncles, whoever older relatives of mine.. Then my relatives had their tea, passed gold dowries to the bride & groom and the groom passed my relatives gift of appreciation. Music was loud, foods were excellent, dancers & singers were performing extremely well. Chinese brides are among the luckiest in that they are expected to wear several dresses throughout the course of their wedding ceremony and banquet. Red packets are also to be given out to children during Chinese New Year, Next, to eat sweet egg soup. She will kneel in front of each of her new husband’s older relatives and receive a gift from each of them before she is given a title that reflects the standing of her husband in the family. Morning time before 12 noon would be our tea ceremony and night time, after 7 pm would be our reception or wedding party.. Chinese people around the world has different Chinese wedding culture and our Chinese Indonesian wedding culture may be a little bit different with other Chinese from other countries.. In fact, a wedding is itself a tradition. The ceremony is very much the same as other Protestant or Catholic ceremonies, but conduct… Everyone was happy & enjoyed the party!!! Pass the Time. This can be held immediately after the ceremony or can even be the next day. Most Indonesian weddings are lavish, elaborate events where guests can number to thousands. Tea ceremony at the Groom's place.. Ethiopia Visa for Indonesian Citizen. They're like Korean inspired dancers :) Cool!! How cute! But coming to engagement, the tradition in every cultures are almost similar. Somehow they believe that flowers are fertility symbol hehe... Well, I just followed my tradition and I respected it very much!!! Another fabulous dancers. Chinese weddings ceremonies are intimate and quiet affairs, but the wedding banquet (what we would call the reception) more than makes up for it with hours of delicious food, multiple gowns being worn by the bride, and a real celebration atmosphere. This ritual is done to enhance the bride's beauty on the next day. Those joining the walk carry lanterns and banners, while those who are musically inclined can play their instruments and a dancing lion follows up the rear for good measure. If so, what amount would be appropriate?Thank you. Packing Tips for Long Term Travel. An Indian bride's sisters might steal the groom's shoes for ransom. A child walks at the front of the procession with the groom to symbolise the wish for future children. Most of the Chinese-Indonesian are Christian, Catholic and Buddhis. Well, Chinese believes that the God's of Money would look like this, with red long gown & long black beard :) He was holding a super big gold money. Records of these Chinese wedding traditions can be found in the book of rites from … Oranges mean prosperity & luck in Chinese, so it's like a blessing to my parents :), After that, we prayed to our God (Buddhist) using joystick, we both had one joystick to pray facing outside/road. Couples who viewed this also checked out the following wedding suppliers: Easy Weddings contains over 4500 wedding suppliers to make your wedding planning easy! I dried my wedding flowers & keep it until now. Well, let's see what's the groom doing there?? Traditionally white was avoided as it is associated with funerals, as are most other dark colours, but as Western brides have embraced black wedding gowns, Chinese brides have also come to wear white wedding gowns. I had my make up done before 7 am.. Chinese Indonesians believe that wedding ceremony must finish by 10 am.. By 10 am, newly wed couple must enter their wedding room.. On the day of the wedding, the bride’s family then invited the groom to her home for a tea gathering. That's the tradition! After the guests were all well seated. then, he took an orange & a red packet out (money inside) and kept him for himself :), After that, he brought the pee-pot to the toilet & peed inside the pot. See their Real Wedding. and there's another tradition! Today, modern weddings call for the bride to wear a white bridal … The wedding cake, for example, stems from the Roman tradition of breaking wheat cakes on top of the bride’s head for fertility and stacking them as high as possible for good fortune. We covered it with red paper & one little boy from the Groom's family (aged 10 or less or even better if the boy was born in the year of dragon) would punch & tear off the red paper covered on top, then he's supposed to take an orange & red packet from the pot and keep it himself!! They will greet each relative by their proper titles, and pour them tea in exchange for ang paos and blessings. The day after the banquet, the bride is formally introduced to the groom’s relatives and friends. For your wedding photography and wedding videography needs, consider Babylon Productions. This album is displayed at the banquet for guests to enjoy. It was a sexy & funny show. Modern Chinese couples prepare their wedding album before their wedding. Certain traditions and customs are followed from the sending out of invitations to practices during the wedding … Traditions & Culture 25 – Attire of the Chinese Community in the Dutch East Indies – 4/10 ... See whole image below. Eating this means we're going to have sweet husband & wife relationship till we're old. “The Chinese tea ceremony (Jing Cha) is an imperative tradition to be performed at Chinese weddings,” shares Yu. Decode the wedding dress code: what do they actually mean? Wedding was over. Passing flowers to my mum as an appreciation for her hard work to bring me up, My husband passed flowers to his mum as an appreciation for her hard work to bring him up. Vows are exchanged at a local government office as the paperwork is signed and then the couple attend an intimate ceremony, where they stand at the family altar and pay their respects to nature, family ancestors, and deities. The pacar night is done on the eve before the wedding day. Some of the etiquettes have been simplified or adjusted throughout history, however, some main procedures have been inherited quite well. 80% of Australian couples use Easy Weddings to connect with their dream wedding suppliers. 1) Goyang Madura And Tongkat Madura Using a technique called ‘Goyang Madura’ or the Madura […] My direct family members were tossing & drinking champagne on the stage :). Then, we kept his pee/urine for the whole night.. On the morning of the wedding, the bride’s family invites the groom to her home for a tea ceremony. Hi there, it should be a red pocket with Rupiah inside, it's generally about RP 200,000 to RP 500,000.. Thanks for sharing! First, let me just say that, while Chinese-Indonesian wedding receptions are very different than their western counterparts, they are very fun and, even… Back to my hotel room or our first night room hehe... and my husband's little nephew was going to destroy the red paper covered on top of the pee-pot (Chinese baby toilet pot) He broke & tore off the red paper! My mum & dad held my hands, brought me down to meet my husband :), After meeting the bride, we had a little celebration at the bride's home.. Only married Chinese is allowed to give out red packets :). See their Real Wedding. Then what happened next???? Banquet guests sign their names in a book when they arrive, and give red envelopes to the attendants. I was a model myself many years back and they stood really tall next to me hehe.. so yeah they are all my relatives, aunties, uncles, cousins, etc :), After a little celebration at bride's family, finally I was ready to leave my family and to be his forever :). Doris and Kevin present their relatives with tea. It has been many months since our wedding but I still have my dried wedding flowers with me.. My mum said it's best to put the flowers above my wardrobe.. My tradition believes that by keeping wedding flowers, we'll have beautiful wedding with beautiful children.. I HAVE to keep it until I pass away & later pass it on to my daughter when I pass away.. My mum and dad passed me a banquet of sweet sticky rice with Logan fruits, covered with big red flower and a banquet of fruits (apples & oranges) for us to bring back to our new home.. This past week, I attended my very first Chinese-Indonesian wedding reception! It's our Chinese wedding tradition! The ritual of the Chinese Wedding Tea ceremony has prevailed over time as it is an important part of Chinese culture. They have photos taken around their city or at popular landmarks wearing a range of different outfits. Most Chinese, especially girls, will want their parents to be happy with an engagement before it is committed to. It's the longest post ever, I hope you learn something about our Chinese-Indonesian culture and let's embrace and follow our own culture because traditions are beautiful. I HAVE to keep my wedding flowers myself. Another example is including fish roe in soup or as garnish is a symbol of fertility. He was ready to pick me up from my home!! Our wedding ceremony & reception is normally conducted in 1 day.. The most significant part of a Chinese wedding, the tea ceremony is an intimate affair – usually reserved for relatives and the closest of friends – where the bride and groom meet and pay respects to each other’s families. In Indonesian wedding culture, you can just give an envelope with money. It must be a young boy (not married) from the groom's relative.. Preferably, a boy from a dragon year (dragon is one of Chinese horoscope symbols) Dragon means prosperity :) hey, 2012 is a dragon year :), This little boy is my hubby's nephew and so, he's the one opening the car door for the groom :). Betawi – Malam Pacar. There will be dinner and some loud music to accompany the dancing, and the bride and groom will likely be holding hands on stage while guest take turns to say their best wishes to them. Track your progress and access all of your wedding planning tools, A step-by-step checklist of things to be done before your big day, Keep track of all spending associated with your big day, See which guests are coming and which aren't at a glance, Organize your guest seating arrangements for all your events, A contact list of all the suppliers you'll use for your wedding, Create and share your wedding story with your own website, And for everything else... Click here to see the directory, Wedding Hashtag Inspiration From Real Couples, 25 Of The Best Wedding Vows We’ve Ever Heard. Twitter. Tea Ceremony at the bride's started. Direct family members were waiting for the guests.. We had about 500 guests coming to our wedding in Medan (North Sumatera-Indonesia). She was married by an imam in a Muslim ceremony and wore her Indonesian mother's wedding dress -- a batik sarong. and they are very tall. An African American bride and groom might “jump the broom" to symbolize their union. The attendant opens the envelope, counts the money and records the information in the book so the newlyweds know how much each guest gave. Betrothal gifts between Chinese families, more than one feast for a Malay couple… we trace the significance of treasured traditions and customs that go beyond the white dress and veil. The lights must be turned on  all day long & night one day before the wedding and one day after the wedding... Chinese believes this would invite or give a sign to the Goddess to come to the couple's room, bless them with happy marriage & beautiful healthy children :), Okay, basically we rested in our wedding chamber for a few hours, and after 12 noon, we were ready to visit my family as a married woman :p. About 1 pm now, and my mum in law passed me a banquet of mandarin oranges & apples and me & my husband were supposed to bring this back to my family & pass it to my mum & dad... We were going to my place (bride's) to have the tea ceremony with my family and again no one from my husband's side was allowed to follow or visit. There is a significant number of Chinese-Indonesians scattered all over the Indonesian archipelago, and most are Catholic or Protestant. Chinese Indonesians (Indonesian: Orang Indonesia keturunan Tionghoa) or (in Indonesian) Orang Tionghoa are Indonesians whose ancestors arrived from China at some stage in the last eight centuries. We had already placed an orange & a red packet inside the piss-pot. thank you for sharing , especially about wedding flowers, cos nowadays i think not all chinese brides know that we have to kept our wedding flowers. Firsta Yunida, April 6, 2017. Carmen and Andy prepare for their wedding ceremony. See more ideas about Chinese wedding, Traditional chinese wedding, Wedding. Is it common for the parents of the bride and groom to host separate wedding feasts, meaning a wedding celebration could span days. The Reality of My Long-Term Travel. Are you enjoying being married? Chinese Indonesian Heritage Center > Traditions & Culture. The bride and groom may be proceeded by dancers who give a traditional dance performance before the wedding couple goes on stage. I think it's good to share culture and to learn from one another :) if you are westerners reading my blog, I hope you find our wedding culture is interesting and I would love you to share your wedding culture too... :). It is believed the fire would cast out evil influences. Obtaining the Bride In Chinese culture, it was customary for firecrackers, loud gongs, and drums to mark the start of the procession (and fend off evil spirits) from the groom's home to the bride's house. The culture and traditions of Asian countries regarding wedding and marriage differ from the Western understanding of weddings. very nice blog.thanks for great work Tattoos Designs, Hi NettyI loved this post. In our culture, his older auntie & his mum must help him to dress up! Should it be cash in a red pocket? Kerr from South Africa. My mum surprised me with a She-Male, a very sexy trans gender to entertain us & our guests and she performed extremely well.. She sang, she danced, she kissed and hugged other married men, wowwwww......!!!!!!! My mum told me that my wedding flowers CAN NOT be discarded or be given to someone else, no matter if someone is a single, attached or married! Even the most simplistic of Chinese weddings will include this ritual. My cousins dedicated a song to us and yeah they are cute twins! My sister & bro in law dedicated a song and they sang very well :). Red dates represent sweetness and egg represents 'older' . Vows are exchanged at a local government office as the paperwork is signed and then the couple attend an intimate ceremony, where they stand at the family altar and pay their respects to nature, family ancestors, and deities. To the Chinese, traditions show respect for our ancestry and are the cornerstones of our culture,” says Hannah Chong, founder and creative director of Heaven’s Gift. Search the directory here, chinese wedding traditionscultural weddingtraditional wedding. The ingredients were: 1 egg, 2 red dates, sweet rice balls. W / Weddings 7 Malay & Chinese wedding traditions you have to know. Before the wedding ceremony, the groom leads a raucous procession to his future bride’s home. They were about to walk us down towards the stage. It's the tradition for wedding luck & blissful marriage :) On the way to my Mama's house to conduct traditional tea ceremony for the bride's family :), We entered the house and my husband passed a banquet of fruits (apples & oranges) to my mum & dad. 1 Wedding Destination | Site Map The reception, is usually held on a public scale. The bride and groom will send an invitation to anyone that they are acquainted with, which usually means there could be hundreds or even thousands of guests. Sep 11, 2013 - Ethnic and unique wedding fashions of China...past and present. Orange represents prosperity & happy marriage with a lot of happy & healthy children :), This pair of mugs represents husband & wife as one :) drinking from the same source together :), Flowers represent beautiful marriage and Grandpa & Grandma miniatures represent beautiful marriage until we are both old with white hair :). After that, he's gonna pee in the pot... A boy's pee represents fertility & pregnancy of a baby boy as the family's first baby boy!!! I wanna share with you all about our modern Chinese wedding culture.. Best-Country An Indonesian wedding is a very important occasion. Interesting?? Although I don't mind having a daughter but I still followed the old tradition :). Indonesia rich in culture and every culture has it’s own tradition. Chinese believes that the God of Money brings lots of luck & money to those who visit him or have him visited us. Before the wedding, the groom is to abduct the bride from her family. "A traditional Chinese wedding … Ivy and Yip celebrated Chinese traditions aboard a cruise ship. 4/10... see whole image below from my home!!!!!!!!!!! His mum must help him to dress up an elopement by those who in! The God of House protects our home from fire, robbery, family disharmony etc... Know more about the Chinese tea ceremony and banquet guests coming to engagement, the bride paints her with! Daughter when I pass away a range of different outfits here, Chinese wedding traditions you will love to! She married her beau Paul sees the newlyweds serve tea containing either two lotus seeds or two dates... Banners, musicians, and pour them tea in exchange for ang paos and blessings they are twins. Newlyweds serve tea containing either two lotus seeds or two red dates to the ethics and the regions use weddings... Been inherited quite well traditions & culture 25 – attire of the bride ’ s and... Give out red packets: ) and Yip celebrated Chinese traditions aboard a cruise ship were waiting for the..... Proceeded by dancers who give a traditional Chinese wedding tea ceremony is complete when the couple bow the! Heading towards the church for the parents of the people of Palembang before the wedding day wedding |! Guest, I attended my very first Chinese-Indonesian wedding is to abduct the bride ’ s relatives and friends several. To children during Chinese New Year, next, to eat sweet egg soup out! People have lived in the past, this tradition is similarly known as an elopement by those marry! Have your traditional Chinese gown a song and they sang very well:.. Will include this ritual BC ) 's shoes for ransom things to remember do... Wedding procession, the groom would lead a procession, accompanied by a child ( to symbolize future sons.. Would cast out evil influences we offer impeccable service and we want to make sure that you to... In China, creating an $ 80 billion industry superstitious, thus impacting many wedding day and! Your envelope with Money or jewellery inside dedicated a song and they sang very well: ) that 's belief... For tea ceremony to give out red packets are also to be happy with an engagement before it is the. The couple bow to the God of House protects our home from fire, robbery family. Catholic or Protestant includes a series of rites that were set since the Zhou (! & drinking champagne on the day of the tea ceremony culture, his older auntie his... 2 red dates to the groom ’ s family invites the groom leads a raucous procession to future. Of Chinese weddings will include this ritual “ jump the broom '' symbolize... Engagement tradition itself usually held on a public scale there should be left unchanged then everyone is towards. Have all of your wishes fulfilled on your happy day old tradition: ) a traditional Chinese.... Abduct the bride ’ s family invites the groom to her home for a ceremony... Followed the old tradition: ) the tea ceremony has prevailed over time as is! Tea, they are expected to wear several dresses throughout the course of procession. After the banquet and then often change multiple times during the course of the Chinese reception! Chinese-Indonesian wedding is to abduct the bride and groom might “ jump the broom '' to symbolize future )... Night is done on the morning befor the wedding there should be unchanged! Be left unchanged invited the groom would lead a procession, the bride ’ home! 'Re old ones, they offer the couple a red envelope with Money or jewellery inside $ billion! On stage this Betawi wedding procession, the groom for tea ceremony disharmony etc... Come after the ceremony 2000-2020 Easy weddings to connect with their dream wedding suppliers:. Lead a procession, the bride ’ s parents before progressing from oldest to youngest – of! The couple bow to each other celebration could span days decorated box where you can slip envelope! Soup or as garnish is a very important occasion be proceeded by dancers who give a Chinese. A dance is believed the fire would cast out evil influences to walk us down towards the stage Protestant! Accidents happened in the House: ) an average of 10 million couples get every! Chinese tea ceremony Catholic and Buddhis bride paints her fingernails with pacar or henna coloring symbolise the wish future... Very important occasion when I pass away & later pass it on to daughter. Indonesian Citizen change outfits between the ceremony is only a very important occasion, let 's see what the! Invite the groom ’ s craziest rituals and traditions, '' says Toronto-based wedding planner Rebecca Chan s own.... Things to remember and do 80 billion industry this past week, I read your long post... interesting:.