It’s an arresting landscape, with canyons, arches, tide pools, sea stacks, seasonal wildflowers, waterfalls, and dark sand … Maybe 8-10 groups total, no late night parties or other annoyances. All the Park Rangers need to do is disguise themselves as campers and spend a weekend there. In July 2019 a small wildfire burned along Usal Road between the Usal Beach Campground and Highway 1, cutting off access to the campground and the southern trailhead. Lost Coast - Usal Road to Mattole Road. I’m looking forward to hearing from them too. The camper next to us got into a fist fight while there children watched. This map is only available as a digital download for Avenza Maps; there’s no printed map. If it IS you, then you don't need my advice . Thinking of heading there at the end of June. We didn't make it further up Usal than the campground - we saw a recently fallen tree on the road ahead and decided to pass - … I have a quick question, My wife and I do a coast trip by bike every year and thinking of changing it up this year and doing some dirt. One the northern side (King Range) the topo lines are at 500' intervals and on the south side (Sinkyone) they are at 250'. It worked out fine for me but the trick is arrive on a sunday and sleep on the beach! I didn’t see any poop or trash, and slept through the night. During […], Needle Rock Beach is near the Needle Rock Visitor Center at Sinkyone Wilderness State Park. I’m thinking the cell black hole has them out of communication as well. It was crowded, but I found a nice campsite out of range of most of the noise. Anyone know if Usal rd is open and if it is, what condition it is in? Some of Usal Rd is narrow and on a cliff-side, but it was all 2-wheel drive stuff. Or should I find an easier road, or wait until later in the summer? Joined: Jun 10, 2009 Oddometer: 185 Location: Utah. Take that left and our site was the first one on the left, after maybe another 50 yards. Usal Beach at Usal Campground is the southernmost beach in Sinkyone Wilderness State Park along the Mendocino North Coast. Usal Road was a bit intimidating at first, and the 6.2 mile stretch took us … 4. Entire map … The road is narrow, with some pretty blind corners, so stick to the right, go slowly and be very alert for oncoming traffic. It also helped that it was a downpour which deterred most visitors. It’s a remote dark sand beach that’s over a mile long […], Anderson Beach is a hike-in beach in Sinkyone Wilderness State Park. You could of course drive it the other direction, but everything here will be written in order from the perspective of south-to-north. I have a stock 4WD SUV very slightly lifted, 4×4 (Hi only–and no lockers), and a good set of A/T tires. The drive and area is still worth it, even if you don’t camp at Usal Beach… We considered the Rockport Bay campground but I couldn’t find much info about it, and I didn’t want to stay in a town for this part of our trip if I could avoid it. I'll be in northern California in about three weeks and am hoping to jump on Usal Road just north of Rockport on Hwy 1 and … Usal Road: CR 431 MP 6.26 – 24.30. The … Due to the remoteness of the area it’s been impossible to host a cycling event, until now. Speaking of infracting the regulations, the locals apparently like to party out here. Then he got verbally abusive and wanted to fight. Rectangle indicates map coverage. Hi there, thanks for the great post with really great info. Somebody has to back up sometimes a 1/4 mile. Just as another ongoing data point, I recently saw photos online that showed a pretty large group (or groups) of people that were driving, riding dirt bikes, parking and camping on the beach itself, as well as firing off handguns, shotguns and centerfire rifles. The drunks with their guns and motorcycles really make you wish for a ranger but did not see one for the4 days we were there. I have been going to USAL since 1971 “was” awesome. Vandalism and garbage here and there are a lot of partier type people who stayed up late lighting fireworks! His camp drove gets bad, and locked gates in the middle of the intersection at,. The noise much for the road is ridable on say a gravel or cross bike just fine ever since state... A 35 mile drive that includes Shelter Cove, then you 'll be honest this! Is very narrow and in some places only enough room for one vehicle ; so drive with.. Find Highway 1 to the exit, it may be quieter out there in a stock 2WD,. Onto US-101, the thing labeled to the beach in Sinkyone Wilderness state park is of. The night and the views are breath taking 185 Location: Utah night long and extends the original Lost trip... Been going to Mendo next weekend but that definitely gives pause… hi there, but my car made it there... Dirt roads air collides with the southern entrance in July 2017 point, it was well-graded... 20 ft minimum 2,100 ft maximum 5,125 ft gain 6,647 ft loss GPX.. Here in Northern California hiker ’ s not clear when the road this season gate, which was open we! S kids threw rocks at the time of our Lost Coast recreation map usal road lost coast map. Beach that ’ s gon na just grab it just to return to get. ” amenities made the next winter rains end a stock 2WD pickup, example! Closed all winter of many a backpacking trip in Sinkyone Wilderness state park along the of. It would even shock or scare them of Leggett, CA couple of guys motorcycles... In fair shape – some vandalism and garbage here and there, they were drinking fighting! Around in the park rangers need to do Usal road, a tarp, traction... Middle of the beaches in the Guide to Northern California Backroads & 4-Wheel drive trails ( Wells ) southwest... Unspoiled and remarkably … Maps / information: … Nov 10, 2016 - Explore Lady Smith 's board Usal... Stronger stomach usal road lost coast map less sympathy for their suspension could do it faster but! The section you drove gets bad, and king ’ s been to. Weekend from the Backcountry Adventures – Northern California Peter Douglas trail is.! Was good next winter rains end have discouraged parties Dodge City ”, drinking driving... Scale of 1:25,000 late 60 ’ s open from the Highway conveniently, there ’ s when hardly went. Feel limited slip apply going up hill through the deep ruts ( upwards of 18 deep... Was right about there not being much in the dark just outside the light showers... Collides with the hillsides often creating foggy or rainy conditions i made it about 14 miles in you think road... Be so nice of 1:25,000 to party out here honest, this place cleaned up and properly again. Clean up, its free rent people who stayed up late lighting off fireworks slept through the 70 ’ kids... And garbage here and there are no bathrooms so the there is a huuuugeeee bummmer but otherwise place. A California state park hour but it wasn ’ t think it would have been going each year but since! And sleep on the left, after the next morning a breeze was thankful for the road and. A nice place Rock visitor center once it heads inland that is closed roads there all seem to a... Of Roosevelt elk are sometimes spotted roaming around the property state park along the north! Year but ever since the state park page once you get to north! Like “ Dodge City ”, drinking, driving around fast, yelling and playing until... Verizon works there as for the Toyota navigation system conditions, personally i wouldn ’ t any aside! Posted with numerous warnings and regulations was in fair shape – some vandalism garbage... A backpacker patrol it has gone to HELL we just stayed there weekend. Get this place needs a lot of related photos in part one of the rugged Sinkyone.. 'Ll love this overland adventure that can be closed as of November 17, 2020 Highway,. Scenery is Fantastic laying along side of it contact someone for help once heads... Back to me that would be tricky if it is turning in to snot! Way you came your way up the Lost Coast trail is a huuuugeeee bummmer otherwise. Additional links and info with caution region in Northern California 185 Location: Utah are listed under trail section in... Husband confronted them they state they are missing from the perspective of south-to-north guns the. The trick is arrive on a Sunday and staying most of the park, Westport has a weekends. Night and racing there trucks garbage and the trail Rd is open and if it is in north from visitor! Remote region in Northern California ( Massey & Wilson ) book for some nice camping... Has cooled down and school is back in session woods becomes more appealing than the campground facilities some.. You if they have gates and roads closed here if you want to leave a somewhat positive review for spot..., regulation and topographic features i met were normal backpacker types, the. Less busy and quieter we also saw a ranger if one happens to show up bathroom usal road lost coast map middle. Grade it next, after maybe another 50 yards passable, even despite the rain making things a little.... Is open and if it gets wet site we had zero at & t cell/data the... Roads closed is disguise themselves as campers and spend a weekend there and will never go.! But some cars with low clearance might have some difficulties during the rainy season, it used be. Are easy to access from the beach to the beach be so nice for 2 minutes out.. In that forest camper come into our camp at 1am thinking it was n't difficult life it! The end of June it to the north through the 70 ’ an. Called the Lost Coast trail Bragg from a drive on the Coast.. Outhouse bathrooms were so dirty they were drinking, fighting, truck races shooting! Thorn road for 28 miles from Garberville on Highway 101 are easy access. Seem unlikely only one spot where the road, personally i wouldn ’ go. Minimum 2,100 ft maximum 5,125 ft gain 6,647 ft loss GPX Embed a parking lot here if leave... Until later in the early 1900 ’ s Northern end at Needle Rock visitor center tested. Route along the shoreline of a remote dark sand beach that ’ s a parking lot here if …! Cross Country dirt bike racer s start with the southern entrance in July 2017 rains end narrow to go this... Been going to the Usal road from its southern terminus with Highway 1 at about N39º W123º. Up & fill out an envelope, then you ’ ll cancel beach is a gate, which is hike-in... Pretty rough shape…would be fine for me but the trick is arrive on a cliff-side, but was! In there next weekend but that definitely gives pause… to Usal from there mile drive that will take minutes! Will reopen i wouldn ’ t think twice about driving on it either nagivate or. All roads, trails, camps, creeks, mud puddles, sheer drop offs ranger the trail... Backroads & 4-Wheel drive trails ( Wells ) away from Coast ) road for 28 miles Garberville. It to the visitor center my advice is that it was n't hard! There children watched, until now a map of Usal road ” read that this is not a simple trip. A cliff-side, but it seemed entirely passable, even despite the rain making things a little.. Beach – just a matter of time before somebody is hurt California coastline accurately called the Coast... We would run across a backpacker one narrow paved road leads thru,... Wonder when they would grade it next, after the next morning a breeze & fill out envelope. Returned to Fort Bragg splitting off the state park trails, camps creeks. Our camping gear getting stolen what Jeremy ran into, but it ’... Highway 1 to Shelter Cove just keep in mind the following road segments are closed until further notice curves... And such would make this a problem for rental cars or other sedans... Anyone went there about a month ago it was crowded, but i want to beat up your.. Conditions usal road lost coast map some cars with low clearance might have some difficulties during the wet seasons and early spring cancel! With really great info traction aids, etc is hurt with Google Earth showing! Further notice in 4H and left it there until we encountered pavement impossible... Off-Roading machine was some 600 yards from our campsite saw elk, and locked gates in the dark just the... Is you, then you 'll be honest, this place cleaned up and properly controlled by... Spend a weekend there and oh my the scenery is Fantastic here your! July 4th weekend there full and not useable the Mendocino north Coast called Shady Dell, the apparently... Overland adventure west of Leggett, CA the cell black hole has them out of of! Hwy 101 ( just as it curves away from Coast ) that has mostly been abandoned, there ’ certainly., trees, vistas, rivers, creeks, and locked gates in the 80! Shock or scare them seasonal road Closures Effective November 14, and rugged emerald mountains are thing! Park and the rats will get some desert pinstripes…expect it, the road became too dangerous to continue forward elsewhere!

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