Zum zehnjährigen Jubiläum der Inselserie Lost haben wir uns noch einmal zurückerinnert und die für uns 15 größten Mysterien rausgesucht. New, 10 Doctor Who Episodes That Were Never Made You can buy Lost season 6 and the complete collection on DVD and Blu-ray from today. Seen on Sky News; featured in The Guardian, NY Times, The Independent and more. 10 More Actors You Didn't Know Played The Same Character In Different Movies. Take a look at the final count of all the questions vs. answers from the show. Just as one mystery was solved, another 19 questions appeared to form in each episode, causing fans … "Self-Implied" denotes that the episode that raised a question itself already implied the answer, though fans may have missed it and continue to ask about it. 'Lost' to address unanswered mysteries with DVD extras. "Solved" denotes those mysteries that the show mostly or completely solved. (Question: 1x01 - Pilot, Part 1) No one had come to rescue the survivors because the plane was about 1000 miles off its projected course. Once met the Chuckle Brothers. Print ; EVIL SATELLITE MIGHT DISRUPT CABLE SIGNALS BEGINNING ON — WAIT, ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!? Scottish born Ross Miller has been a movie fan ever since he can remember. This of course is based on the ABC TV show, "Lost". This article is a comprehensive guide to every notable question on Lost given per episode as well as its answer. Audiences waited for a finale that answered the logical puzzles Lost overtly posited, when its creators aimed to home in on a nuance that had been subtly woven in over the course of six years. Loves The Usual Suspects. Lost had the ability to enthrall and infuriate fans in equal measure. Warning: Some spoilers for upcoming Lost episodes are mentioned. For a show as expansive and complex as Lost, I'd say that's pretty damn satisfying. More specifically, has anyone, here or on another site, attempted to compile a complete list, season-by-season, of all the questions that remain? "Unsolved" denotes those that the show barely addressed. Lost, like its spiritual predecessors Twin Peaks and The X-Files, was built on a series of interlocking mysteries. Seven Mysteries that are still plaguing us even after the episode “Across the Sea”. My personal favorite would be, "what is the monster?" When this Tailie was killed by Michael at the end of season 2, she left behind several unanswered questions. New. That means fans can officially revisit the whole series from start to finish. The Boys: 10 Insane Details You Definitely Missed, 10 Best Person Of Interest Episodes like; 6 years ago; See all 5 answers; Darrian I honestly love it. Last week we closed the Mysteries page. The series functions as both a parody of Scooby-Doo and horror films.The early artworks simply portray the Scooby Gang coming across classic horror film characters (mostly slasher killers) drawn as to look like screenshots from the original Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! Jump to: navigation, search. Thanks for For every polar bear and Dharma Initiative station on the mysterious island, there's three or four unanswered questions that will drive you insane. New. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Lost ist als Mystery-Serie mit einer durchgängigen Handlung konzipiert.Die Spannung wird durch immer neue Enthüllungen – und daraus resultierende veränderte Betrachtungsweisen der Serie und einzelner Szenen – erzeugt, … But the shorter answer is still "Magic." The fate of Roanoke's 115 settlers has been a mystery for centuries. He describes himself as a writer and a fan, a fan and a writer - but not always in that order. The Unanswered Questions heading notes aspects of mysteries in the show that were never explained. Contents. "Partially solved" covers the rest.. 1 Mysteries Introduced in Season Three. Total mysteries: 663 total mysteries, 536 answered mysteries, and 127 unanswered mysteries. The resulting document is over 70 pages long (!) 10 ‘Unsolved’ Mysteries From Lost (That Have Really Simple Answers) Stop moaning and look closer... the answers are all here. Why hadn't anyone come to rescue the survivors after several hours? Many people try and say it's a cheap rip off of The Hunger Games just by reading the summary but it's definitely not. Which of Lost's lingering mysteries could a future revival series solve? If Lost answered all these questions, I’d be so disappointed. These people do not speak for me or many smart viewers. I never expected Lost to answer every single question because in the grand scheme of things some questions didn't really matter. Comment. How Could Desmond See Both Spiritual Planes in “The End”? They kidnapped kids, they live in temples, and in season … The Mystery of The Others: I really wish Lost would flesh out the weirdness behind these guys.Who ARE they? 90 Day Fiancé: What Jobs Do Loren & Alexei Brovarnik Have? Film Editor (2014-2016). Show all posts. This special episode was a look at the questions that have been answered and the mysteries yet to be solved for the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 was the focus of a special—in anticipation of the season finale episode—called "Lost: The Answers", which aired Thursday, May 17, 2007 on ABC. 90 Day Fiance: Why Did Vanessa Guerra Stop Posting On Instagram? 1.1 Further Instructions; 1.2 The Cost of Living; 1.3 Enter 77; 1.4 The Man from Tallahassee; 1.5 One of Us; 1.6 D.O.C. The questions ranged from the easily guessable to the properly challenging to the frankly unfair; you, our players, had deduced, induced, wrangled, debated, guessed and channeled divine inspiration for four years, with rich and delightful results. The writers answered enough of the big stuff - particularly in season 6 (how the Black Rock ended up in the middle of the Island, what happened to the rest of the four-toed statue, how Richard became ageless, what the Smoke Monster was etc.) But as far as I can see, this is an absolutely fantastic job of calculating all the mysteries Lost had and relaying just how many were left unanswered. Top 15 Lost Mysteries That Need to be Answered ... Probability of it being answered: B (It's kind of important, but it wouldn't really change anything if it wasn't answered. In fact, many Lost fans forgot about them completely.) 14: What's Libby's backstory? I Invested 6 years of my life in "Lost", and now it is over. Lost Mysteries A collection of the many mysteries and answers for LOST. This article lists Lost's major mysteries and their implied answers, if any exist. (Q: 1x02 - Pilot (2)) A collection of all the Unsolved Mysteries of the TV Show Lost. This allowed me to get a heck of a lot out of the character-focused finale they ultimately went with. Lost: Final Count of the Mysteries & Answers. Friends Quiz: The HARDEST Rachel Green True Or False Questions.

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