Series 2, Episode 3 Unrated SD. The case of the week that formed the centre of the episode provided some comedy too, when the investigation led the team to a dating agency. A voice from the future tells Alex she must fight post-op infection, which she interprets as Summers. ", Gene, again referring to the builders, says, "If I'd known Driller Killer was comin' in this morning …" referencing the 1979 low budget US slasher/horror film, At Alex's flat, Shaz appears on her TV on. Ashes to Ashes: Season 3 Episode 2 – Shaz (Monseratt Lombard), Alex Drake (Keeley Hawes) and Chris Skelton (Marshall Lancaster) © Kudos/BBC. Episode 3. Ashes to Ashes Season show reviews & Metacritic score: A severed hand is sent to Fenchurch station. His murders involved rape, nechrophilia, and cannibalism. He had several chart hits including "Watching the Detectives", "Radio Radio", "(I Don't want to go to) Chelsea" (1977/1978) and "Oliver's Army", "Accidents Will Happen", and "I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down" (an up-tempo cover of the Sam and Dave song) (1980). Ashes to Ashes: Season 3 Episode 2 – DCI Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister), DC Ray Carling (Dean Andrews), DC Chris Skelton (Marshall Lancaster) and Alex Drake (Keeley Hawes) © Kudos/BBC. Available on. Series Title : Ashes to Ashes; Episode Number : Season 2 Episode 2; Episode Aired : 27th April 2009; Watched by 341 People; This Episode Length : 60 Minutes; Network : BBC One; Season 1; Season 2; Season 3 Life on Mars Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Ray Carling has gained promotion and is in charge. The scene ends with Gene sitting on the bonnet of the Audi alongside Ray and Chris before the three turn away from the camera. After this period he moved away from the straight-forward punk sound to produce more diverse musical combinations, and in 1983 he released the album. Pharoah also, to be fair, delivered some superb comedy moments. Life On Mars was always going to be a tough act to follow. The episode as a whole focused a lot on the character of Shaz, and how she’s gradually become disenfranchised with the force. Ashes To Ashes: What happened to Sam Tyler? Ashes to Ashes Season 3 Episode 1: Series 3, Episode 1 Summary: Alex finds herself back in 1983 after having been shot by Gene. Meanwhile DI Drake continues to delve into the murky mystery of what really happened to Sam Tyler, believing the truth may be her way home. Episode 1 Ultravox – “Vienna” The Clash – “I Fought the Law” Tubeway Army – “Are Friends Electric?” The Stranglers – “No More Heroes” David Bowie – “Ashes to Ashes” The Passions – “I’m In Love With A German Film Star” Duran Duran – “Hungry Like the Wolf” Duran Duran – “Careless Memories” Roxy Music – “Same Old Scene” Episode 2 Tenpole Tudor – “Swords of a Thousand Men” Madness – “The Prince” Imagination – “Body Talk” The Flying Lizards – “Money” Visage – “… Gene is shown playing the part of Billy Joel by acting out his performance in the original music video, as well as lip-syncing the words (he is also shown wearing the same green colour shirt that Billy Joel wore). In short, she’s in a bad place, and needs something dramatic to shake her out of it. Jim tells Alex his favourite music is by (Gustav) Mahler (7 July 1860–18 May 1911) the Austrian composer of classical music, and Elvis Costello, the UK singer/songwriter who became well known in 1977 during the punk/new wave period with his band The Attractions. Episode #3.2. A severed hand is sent to Fenchurch station. It’s not quite up there with Camberwick Green in Life On Mars, but it’s not far off at all. Colin Mitchell's corpse is found in a canal and his father Stanley points the finger at vicious loan shark Riley who once employed Colin. Episode 8. Season 3 | Episode 2. This gave space for a bit of fun at Ray’s expense (given his familiarity with such agencies), and also set up a terrific speed dating sequence that ultimately became what helped resolve the case. A superb second episode for Ashes To Ashes, containing one single moment that we're set to spend all week trying to work out. This episode begins with Alex having a dream… in which Gene and the gang recreate Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” video: Alex wakes up, and static crackles on the TV. The second episode of the third series of the British science fiction police procedural drama series Ashes to Ashes was broadcast by BBC One on 9th April 2010. This references the UK phrase, "hung like a donkey", referring to the size of a man's penis. Come along with the Ashes to Ash team as we investigate the lies, myths, and truths. The episode opens with a remake of the music video for Billy Joel's 1983 song "Uptown Girl" performed by the cast. January 4, 2012. Animal rights activists have threatened a series of attacks in London and the first victim - the daughter of a commercial laboratory owner - is in hospital. He was beaten to death by a fellow inmate at the Colombia Correctional Institute in November 1992. Gene brushes his hair, straightens his shirt collar, fastens the buttons, tucks in his shirt and picks up a magazine from the locker before walking over to join Ray and Chris. SEASON 3 • EPISODE 2 Ashes To Ashes "Episode 2" Original Air Date: Apr 09, 2010. The central partnership between Alex Drake (Hawes) and Gene Hunt (Glenister) is arguably still not Ashes to Ashes took a little longer than its predecessor, Life on Mars; to get into its stride during its opening season but this second season hits the ground running from the opening episode. Or is it something to do with the investigation into the death of Sam Tyler that Alex Drake is busying herself with? His unit is being run by none other than Ray! This is Not a Love Song - Public Image Ltd. Video Killed the Radio Star - The Buggles. He died in the electric chair in January 1989 at Railford prison in Starke, Florida. Discovering that several women have been murdered, Alex decides to join the dating agency they all used. Kate Winslet is used as a pseudonym by Alex. Ashes to Ashes season 3 episode 2 DCI Alex Drake of the Metropolitan Police is shot in the head and wakes to find herself apparently thrown back in time to 1981. Avg Rating (0) Your Rating. Read our review of last week’s episode here. Ashes To Ashes series 3 episode 2 review A superb second episode for Ashes To Ashes, containing one single moment that we're set to spend all week trying to work out. The tradition started in the Victorian era but is less prevalent today. Tension mounts in the last ever episode of Ashes to Ashes as Gene Hunt and his team are investigating a diamond heist following the murder of three London gang members. I’m looking forward to seeing them. Season 1 episodes become available to tier 2 members on Monday, tier 1 members on Friday, and the public on the following Monday. When it came to the denouement of the case, I was fairly convinced that she wasn’t going to make it to the end of the episode, and it’s credit to writer Ashley Pharoah that he managed the guessing game quite so well. When Gene and Alex discover that all the women were clients of a dating agency run by Elaine Downing (played by Glenister's real-life wife Beth Goddard), Alex goes undercover to try and trap the killer. And as she agreed to stay, she turned to the camera, stared, and a short snippet of Life On Mars music started to play. Considering the darker turns that the series has been taking already, it’s nice to still have space for the lighter moments that have been one of the trademarks of the shows. When talking about serial killers, Jim mentions Ted Bundy and Alex mentions Jeffrey Dahmer, before realising that no-one else except for her and possibly Jim will have heard of him. 3 / 8 DCI Gene Hunt and his team investigate a series of politically motivated arson attacks. If it keeps matching this standard, then it’ll be the best series of Ashes To Ashes & Life On Mars to date. It first shows Ray and Chris working underneath a car and Sergent Viv James dressed in a chauffeur suit inside the Audi Quattro. Gene orders his team not to sleep until those responsible are behind bars. Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! Ray, Chris and Gene Hunt singing Uptown Girl? It’s great to see Shaz taking centre stage here, and her career dithering added a real sense of ambiguity to the investigation she found herself a pivotal part of. We suspect we’ll be chewing on that one moment alone for much of the week. Watch Ashes to Ashes - Season 3, Episode 2 - Episode 2: A severed hand is sent to Fenchurch station. Gene's speed date, Rhonda, says she's after a man who's "hung like something off the beach at Weston-Super-Mare." Ashes To Ashes is on fire from where I’m sitting. Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela are mentioned. What’s in the package of personal effects that Drake has had sent down from Manchester? The eighties revival continues as Ashes to Ashes returns for a second series. The scene then cuts away to Alex's flat with the character waking up from her dream. But it’s the ongoing story elements that were by far the most interesting. Either way I have to solve the mystery of what all this means and fight to get home, because time is running out.". So what the hell was that all about? Episode 3. The characters around her are hardly the people to talk to about it, and she even struggles to confide in Drake. "My name is Alex Drake, I was shot and found myself in 1983. 2: 2 "Episode 2" Johnny Campbell: Ashley Pharoah: 14 February 2008 () 6.99: As the … A severed hand is sent to the police station and investigations link it to the murders of several women around the country,all of whom had used the Crescent Moon dating agency. The trail leads them to a dating agency and Alex soon finds herself posing as a lonely single when she goes undercover. 59min | Crime, Drama, Fantasy | Episode aired 9 April 2010. Is it real or in my mind? These are the threads that we’re being continually teased with, but that short clip of Life On Mars was surely the most puzzling, yet intriguing, clue to date. Jeffrey Dahmer was an American serial killer, who murdered 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991. As for the health of the show as a whole? Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, Ashes to Ashes, With time running out, Klaus’ ultimate plan to protect baby Hope at all costs continues to take shape. With Philip Glenister, Keeley Hawes, Dean Andrews, Marshall Lancaster. Ashes to Ashes Season 3. The second episode of the third series of the British science fiction police procedural drama series Ashes to Ashes was broadcast by BBC One on 9th April 2010. Meanwhile the rest of the unit in involved with the abduction of Dorothy, a young girl, on her way to school. Season 3, Episode 2. Originally, the donkeys used for beach rides for kids were working draught animals used in the cockle-picking industries around the UK coastline. Ashes To Ashes series 3 episode 8 review: series finale, Introducing A Brand New FREE Quarterly Magazine From Den of Geek, Magic: The Gathering - The Legend of the Black Lotus Continues, Marvel’s WandaVision Episode 3: MCU Easter Eggs and Reference Guide. Episode 8. I’ve already touched on Drake poking her nose into the fate of Sam Tyler, which looks like being a recurring theme, but for the second week running, the shadow of DCI Jim Keats was all over the episode. Alex is shown sat in the front passenger seat of the Audi dressed in the same outfit as the original actress (black and white dress with earings and a hat). From NZ$22.49. She soon recognises DCI Gene Hunt and his team from detailed reports made by DCI Sam Tyler about his own trip to 1973. Series 3, Episode 8 Unrated HD SD. HoloLens PC Mobile device Xbox 360 Description. Herb Alpert, who, with Jerry Moss, formed the A&M record label in 1962, was an American musician and record producer. A lonely Alex looks at the TV and asks where everyone is. After his impactful final scene confrontation with Gene Hunt last week, this time he plays a game of divide and conquer, as he takes his affable demeanour to try and expose the cracks in his team instead. Did Sam Tyler actually die? Episode 3. The scene where she’s alone with the man exposed as the killer was really, really tense television, made all the more unnerving by the fact that there was a sporting chance that she was on the way out. Ashes to Ashes is a 3 season series following on from the previous two seasons series of Life On Mars. Now runs Film Stories Magazine. Ashes to Ashes Season show reviews & Metacritic score: Gene is accused of causing the death, by dangerous driving, of a known car thief. Alex hears that young Hales has died in prison, endorsing her conspiracy theory, and when Mackintosh wants the case closed even Hunt starts to agree with her. Is the pay-off for series two of Ashes to Ashes … Rarely have I seen a programme in its final season shoot out of the traps in such confident style, and it’s so far delivered two intriguing cases and some threads that could and should lead to one heck of a climax. Series 3, Episode 2 Unrated SD When DC Chris Skelton opens CID's post and discovers a human hand, Gene Hunt and his team find they have a murder to solve. Gene Hunt speed dating? After a man who runs an animal research lab and his little girl are injured by a bomber Alex visits dogged anti … A severed hand arrives in CID's post and the team find a connection between the hand and the death of six women who were brutally murdered and dumped in a shallow grave. The stand-out, and set to become a YouTube classic, is the warped dream that Drake – whose investigations into her own situation went on the back burner a little this week – had been having. Ashes to Ashes: Season 3, Episode 2. "Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass", an instrumental group, appeared from 1962–1969, came back in 1971, 1974-1975 and finally reformed one last time in 1984. Ashes to Ashes Season 1. The case itself was interesting, well told and perfectly enjoyable. Matching the standard set last time, this latest episode ended with Shaz being tempted to stay with the police force with the carrot of a CID post at the end of the year. Ted Bundy was an American serial killer, rapist, kidnapper, and necrophile, who confessed to 30 homicides committed in seven US states between 1974 and 1978. Does that have anything to do with Shaz, and how will they all fit into the overall story arc? Here's our review... I’m going to break with protocol here and go straight to what, for me, was the big question mark raised by the terrific second episode of Ashes To Ashes’ final season. "Episode 2" Directed by Ben Bolt. Home; TV; Ashes To Ashes series 2 episode 8 review: season finale; Reviews Ashes To Ashes series 2 episode 8 review: season finale. Are we supposed to see that as part of the overall puzzle coming together? The central partnership between Alex Drake (Hawes) and Gene Hunt … Series 2, Episode 3 Unrated SD. Comedy gold. AIRED: 2/14/08 DCI Hunt is determined to keep a lid on protests against the London Docklands development. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Alex - witnessing her successful operation in the 2000s via an out of body experience - finds Riley too obvious, even though Colin and his wife Donna were planning to flee the country to escape him, and first Stanley, then Hunt, are assaulted by Riley's … Discovering that several women have been murdered, Alex decides to join the dating agency they all used. Gene, referring to the music coming from the builders' radio says, "This is CID, not the Radio One bloody Roadshow. Was that Gene Hunt putting together a piece of the jigsaw that explains his character? Alex goes undercover at a dating agency to flush out a killer who's targeting its female clientele; and continues her investigation into Sam Tyler's death. Episode 2. NZ$22.49. Previous. Hunt's grass 'Rock Salmon' Doyle is murdered after divulging an upcoming heist, which Alex realizes is Operation Rose, in which corrupt cops will rob a bullion van. All Episodes (24) Next. With Philip Glenister, Keeley Hawes, Dean Andrews, Marshall Lancaster. Editor, author, writer, broadcaster, Costner fanatic. Gene says his favourite band is "Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass". Directed by Catherine Morshead. It fast became one of the most critically acclaimed and best loved British television shows of the Millennium upon release,due to the plot, the quite brilliant characters including central protagonist DCI Sam Tyler. "Episode 2" is the second episode of series 1 of the British science fiction/police procedural drama television series Ashes to Ashes, which is the sequel to Life on Mars.It began broadcasting on BBC One on 14 February 2008. Back up to: Ashes to Ashes. His probing exposes one or two small areas for further investigation, and if the trailer for next week’s episode is anything to go by, fireworks are imminent. (Like the original video it is set in a garage). To make matters worse a ransom is demanded by the kidnappers, and it's up to the team to find the culprits - … Furthermore, it’s been utterly gripping at its best, and given that the show usually hits its peak in the last couple of episodes, I’m salivating at the thought of what lies ahead. Donkey rides were a traditional feature of seaside resorts in England (such as Weston-Super-Mare) and Wales. Her implicit wish is, ultimately, granted.

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