COMPULSORY INSURANCE COVERAGE . Happy to know that i somehow helped. Dave told me that if I win I can treat him sa chowking the fastfood chain in front of us. if u cancel immediately yes. if u must need insurance with investment mas beneficial ang philam, sunlife etc dhil irerefund nila whole money that u paid them over the years at a certain point in time for ex 20 yrs. does some one really knows how this works? Your forum is really helpful. Same thing happened to us yesterday at Robinson galleria…nka swipe ako ng more tgan 20k…thru cc.paano ko po maibalik yong na swipe ko for sure mag bill yan next month…help us. [4] Read the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and Click ‘I Agree.’ In fact, you can read Terms and Conditions later on. She asked me if my ATM cars have available funds. Same happened to me a while ago. Check Your Cocolife Insurance Premium Payments Online. How much can I afford to pay out of … certificate E101, D101 or equivalent), the contractor will be exempt from German social … We are indeed priveleged to be one of the accredited insurers and this gives us another opportunity to serve our beloved countrymen through our insurance … Thank you. Pinabalik ako July 17, but due to my busy schedule I wasnt able na makabalik. And ngayon, nag file ako ng complaint against them sa admin ng SM Lipa and also magfa file din ako sa DTI kasi klaro na merong COSTUMER’s DECEPTION and yung sinasabi nila meron silang 1 day promo na raffle. COCOLIFE Bldg., 6807 Ayala Avenue, Makati City . Credit card din saken. Based on my computation 18k*10 years it is 180K and the returned money is 100K in total so there is a difference of 80K. Do I need to protect any other assets, such as my home? With BPI, they advised me to have a new card, (the one that was swiped in that cocolife’s verifying machine was considered lost). marerefund ko pa po ba un ha? Afterward I just followed up. Pwede naman magrefund basta daw within 15days after ka nakapag-bayad. hi to all . Hindi po b pde magdirect ng conccern dunn sa email add na binigay sa previous replies? Is it better to change my PIN now before my funds will be transferred to my bank? The insurance coverage for the money claims shall be equivalent to at least three (3) month salaries for every year of igrant Worker’s M employment contract, the maximum amount per month of which is One Thousand United States Dollars (US$ 1,000.00) or the amount of salary under the employment contract, whichever is lower. Tel. I maybe better off saving my money in a time deposit and receive the same amount. It is indeed, a reputable insurance company, but to be honest, their agents are scammers. But they said iveverify pa then last week for approval na daw. makukuha ko po kaya agad yun. After knowing that, the lady just get inside the room. Kasi hindi talaga tally ung hulog at ung makukuha natin na pera. We protect the every thing you love by taking care of your life’s treasures and achievements. To check Cocolife insurance premium payments or payment history, click Ledger and then Premium Payments. pero yung card number nasulat ko. I was told by the Cocolife agent that I won’t be able to cancel the GPA since it’s a “rider”. Hi. Kahapon galing ako dun and said bumalik ako ulit kasi I need to pass a cancellation letter h di nila na prepared ako na may dala ako. Hopefully by now u were able to refund. 401-600. Were you able to get your money back? bumalik pa naman na ako dito sa manila, balik nanaman dun sa laguna para ibigay ang letter. Insurance Europe warns of AI coverage challenges. the added benefit is im going to receive 10k evry 5 years. number ko. I have nothing against cocolife and I believe the people handling this won’t try to take ur money unless u have a contract with them but ur account is a debit card once its gone its hard to retrieve na unlike credit card. Did you get the full refund? The name you can trust. ( Log Out /  COMPULSORY INSURANCE COVERAGE . Call Bookmark Rate. Sorry for the late response. UPON REALIZING THE LOSS IN VALUE. THANKS…. I’m so stupid then… I should have read forums and blogs before paying 33k,, but how could I,, if there telling me that yesterday was the last day of the promo… omg,,, so stupid…. Cocolife Health Care Accredited Clinics, Manila, Philippines. January 15 (Friday), at around 6pm to 7pm, I was scammed. Handwritten will do. She just told me to go back to their office once I can made a balance inquiry as a proof that it’s really an active account. yes, u still need cancellation letter. I am really hoping I am not too late. No amount of money was taken from me. Based on experience, do you have any tips how to make the process faster? Ang galing nila mang uto. AND THE PROCEDURE WAS I WRITE A LETTER TO CANCEL THE POLICY. naishare na to ng friend kong link ng usapan kaso po dko na nabasa kasi paalis nako nun.sana binasa ko muna to sana po matulungan po ninyo ako.madaming salamat po.. Mas matagalan ba ang cancellation process kapag nasa sayo na ang policy?Please help po. Mas maganda pa cancel ng wla p sau ang policy. Kasi for sure need ko mag absent sa work para maayos ang docs. Kasi im from batangas po eh. That was only the time that I started searching the net for the possibility of terminating my policy even if I dont get a refund of the P10,000 I just don’t want to be bothered by it again. TIN: 050-000-604-739 NON VAT. They have fueled the nation's economy, providing the government the much needed revenues. Note: If the website loads very slowly, you can use this link to log in and register an account —Cocolife Online Payment Facility Disclaimer: The author is not affiliated with United Coconut Planters Life Assurance Corporation (Cocolife), however a policy holder of its insurance program. Then, Lourdes asked me to follow her to their office at the upper floor of the mall to get my freebie. ano po dapat ilagay ko sa letter? On the top 10 of the biggest insurance companies in the Philippines, it provides life and non-life insurance, healthcare, and mutual fund products to customers and operates under the regulations of the Philippine Insurance Commission. Adding Insurance Rider Coverage for Contents or High-Value Items . Nagbayad ako 11k and with policy given na agad. Does anyone of you have any good advice on how I should proceed? One option would be to go with experts that deal specifically with that type of insurance. maski ang credit card ganun dn ang sinasbi di mo pwede ipa hold kasi dapat pupunta ka muna sa branch nila. Help. HI JUDY, EXACT THING HAPPENED TO ME JUST TODAY. If your home is damaged from a covered loss (meaning something homeowners insurance pays for) and you can't stay there, loss of use covers hotel, rent, and food expenses above what you'd normally pay.. Karamihan mga seaman target nila dito. It can be reverse the next month if your successful to cancel ur policy. Hi Ms. Mary. Do I need to call the number you gave me or ok na magsend na lang ng sms? Cyber liability insurance covers financial losses that result from data breaches and other cyber events. So when I went to SM City Manila to … branch coverage: Zweigüberdeckung {f} telecom. God bless. Up to $250,000 in coverage with PIP medical exclusion(s) Exclusion is available for a named insured with non-Medicare health coverage that covers auto accident injuries and/or for household members if they have health insurance that will cover auto accident injuries. Then parang hindi parin ako kuntento so sabi ko asan ang policy at contract niyo pero ang sagot nila ay hindi pede i.release yun hanggat di ako sumasali sa kanila…katapos tapusan po ay nauto ako naka pag charge sila sa akin ng 4.9k yata yun or almost 5000 na. We've gone over what is covered by contents insurance and some circumstances where people's property may or may not be covered. It applies after PhilHealth Coverage has been exhausted. [3] Click ‘Here’ Link on ‘If not yet registered, please click here.’ If you would notice, there are two Here links. Fed up of endless wait? Pero napareceive ko lahat ng docs. I emailed them the cancellation letter and per customer service, it’s still subject for approval. Letter should indicate the reason why you are cancelling the contract. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. I was doing the same thing just strolling in SM cebu and came across a guy that came up to me to talk about these promos and gifts and so on. View Clinics List, Specialties, Timings, Fees & Book online for Cocolife Health Care Accredited Clinics | Practo. Telephone: (02) 8 812-2626. paano po ba ipa.cancel iyon at pwede po bang icancel kasi hours palang po. pag uwi ko after the transaction saka ko narealize na sayang ung pera ko tapos wala pang tubo.bulmalik ako kaagad kahapon. 8129015 to 26; Fax No. But before that, June 28 pa lang nun nagpapabalik balik na ako, kesyo daw mahirap daw magpacancel at di pa daw nila alam ang gagawin nila, need pa magintay ng instruction. That area is covering high valued items or items that may not be easily replaced. I doubt if u can get the insurance premium since u r already covered but for the savings… U shud b able too unless its a new contract/policy they r implementing. nagpunta ako sa branch namin and sabi lapse na yung cancellation date ko, so pag nagcancel ako wala akong makukuha, ganito ba talaga to? Then there goes… naiilang ako kasi andami nila na nakaharap sa akin and natatakot akong hindi pumasa yung ini.evaluate na yun ng dahil lang sakin. Hospital Only. I returned to the branch and I was told it is because of the death benefit of 200k. Hello po.. Next, go to their office in sm and tell them that you want to cancel it. Thanks a lot. Cover for emergency purchases and accommodation in connection with a flight delay on more than one credit card with If insurance coverage. kindly contact me if ever may nangyari din po sa refund nyu 093334454881 sorry late reply. All Filters. COCOLIFE (United Coconut Planters Life Assurance Corporation) | 1,878 (na) tagasubaybay sa LinkedIn. Complete the … I’m thinking that I have to cancel my credit card and not pay the premium all together. Dun na lang sa branch nila ipa-receive, then scan and email the received documents to their main branch in Makati. She said,that’s just fine.According to her, that only shows that I am a good saver. Example: There's a fire in your home, and you can't stay there for two weeks.If you spend $1,000 eating out, loss of use will cover that food bill beyond … insurance cover - * Letzter Beitrag: 05 Dez. Same thing hapenned to me . # Cocolife President and CEO Atty. I have the same experience. Ginawan ako ng receipt na 2k for GPA daw. Sana makuha ko as soon as possible. More Actions × Follow . I am so glad to immediately receive your advise. Email: … I let them do that even though I am not 100% sure of what they offered. same situation here.. na claim mo pa ba ulet ung money mo? Ako naman, pinapabalik balik nila and I already mailed Ms. Ariane and admin nila. Hope my response will still be helpful. The Insurance was called CocoLife. Kesho raffle draw and free gifts just to fill up the form and papakilala lang daw cocolife sa kanila at kung ano ano pa. May nag interview sakin and at the first 10 minutes andami kong tanong dahil baka scam to. CROCOLIFE, I mean Cocolife Glorietta 3 branch. Kelangan po notarized ung letter? Note: If the website loads very slowly, you can use this link to log in and register an account —Cocolife Online Payment Facility Disclaimer: The author is not affiliated with United Coconut Planters Life Assurance Corporation (Cocolife), however a policy holder of its insurance program. Ms. Lourdes F. Reyes, a 61 year-old OFW in Paris, France. kaka.apply ko kanina.. ngayon ko lng narealize n nagpaloko pla ako.. wla p akong policy.. sana ma.cancel ko agad un bukas.. i know di scam c cocolife kaso di ako satisfied.. i want it cancelled.. Hi. All coverages are subject to the terms, provisions, exclusions, and conditions in … (FIRST DECIET) I am curious and I was thinking what harm will I into prang desperate xa since they might have quota or something so I fill in and led me to their office to get raffle and presentation that will take 30 minutes but ended up an hour or so… they discuss the FUTURE SAVING PLAN that will earn 3% to 6% per annum rate. Unfortunately, I gave in. Mind you, I was not fully oriented about this GPA thing, but they already swiped my credit card. Smart: (+63908) 883-7328. Kanina tumawag ulit ako at sa wakas cia na nakasagot pero iba naman sinasabi kesho tinatawagan daw ako ng agent pero di ko daw sinasagot kasi wala naman talagang tawag! Totoo po b un? Pero may inooffer din sila guaranteed total living benefit at death benefit. … Please advise me on this. Pwede ko kaya icancel ung transaction na hindi ako magbabayad sa bank kasi naswipe ung cc ko. Disclaimer: The author is not affiliated with United Coconut Planters Life Assurance Corporation (Cocolife), however a policy holder of its insurance program. NDI UN NILOLOKO NILA UN TAO AT NAG PRESSURE TO COMMIT TO THEM IN A DAY. Then he called another agent which helped him to convince me. They’re an independent broker who have been dealing with diabetes life insurance for years and will help … After, I was allowed to get out. May savings ka na may life insurance pa pero depende sa savings mo kung magkano. So, for me, it's just fair to say that this is a serious insurance company because certifications from the International Organization for Standardization is not easy to get. Photocopy all the documents first, and have a receiving copy before you endorse all the documents to them, just to be safe. Hinayaan ko na lang yung 2K for 1 year coverage BUT I made sure one time lang yun. Waiting pa ako sa feedback nila bukas kasi wala yung Manager. I ASKED WHEN THEY MAILED THE GIRL SAID OCT 10. Customer Care Center. Ayayay… I’ll write a cancellation letter talaga as soon as possible. After completing the form, click Next and proceed to the second phase of registration. Clicking I Agree button implies that you agree with the policies and regulations upon availing Cocolife’s online services. Huhu. since its an investment I assume that every premium paid WILL BE RETURNED and guess what? [Last Updated 19 May 2020] Cocolife Insurance or United Coconut Planters Life Assurance Corporation is a leader in the Philippine insurance industry. But my concern now is, if that act of swiping my BPI and EON unionbank card, will they be able to get hold my account number and PIN? Reading the conversations above, I hope I do get to finally terminate my policy. Unlimited coverage. Na-open ang isip ko. Hello can i get a refund if i decide to cancel my cocolife future savings platinum? Does my lienholder have coverage requirements? HOW CAN I CAN MY TRANSACTIONS WITH COCOLIFE? (SECOND DECEIT) I felt guilty to say she is not and has a lot to learn pa… and then I feel that since I was planning to get additional insurance sometime next year I might as well get now. Your blog is very helpful. Sana makuha ko as soon as possible. I was shopping in SM san lazaro to buy a gift. Stupid me! until now, I’m still waiting for their response. cloud coverage: Bedeckungsgrad {m} meteo. I told them that I’m not interested because I might need excess money and can’t commit the amount right now. Premium is 24,000.oo yearly, 10 years to pay. Basta follow up nyu lng po lagi. She saw that my BPI has 1K+. Unionbank freezes the debit side. Hi Judy, inquire ur banks about the possibility of cocolife accessing ur account even if u change password. But, before that, another lady came to us.Then Lourdes told me to give my two ATM cards for verification. I hope mas maging malinaw sken para makapagdecide ako nang maayos. hi . Write a cancelation letter to cocolife indicating why u would like to cancel and the details of ur transaction then send to cocolife branch for them to send to head office. I GOT BACK THERE AGAIN AFTER A WEEK AND WAS TOLD THAT PARATING PALANG UN POLICY SA BRANCH. The thing is im out of the country. para po kasing ngbago na ang isip ko eh mabilisian ang decision eh. Atty. She said, she’s an agent from Cocolife. I know what my insurance policies are and their benefits. wide-coverage {adj} reichweitenstark: 2 Wörter: Verben: RadioTV to pull coverage [coll.] But for my EON, I know there’s only less than a 100 since I didn’t make the withdrawal request yet from paypal. Car Insurance Coverage Calculator. Combined cover – you can get both buildings and contents insurance under one policy from the same provider. Tanong ko lang po kung meron na sa inyong naka-tanggap ng refund nung ibinayad nila na premiums after na nag-file kayo ng Cancellation or nag-surrender ng insurance policy. Agents, this is a promotional offer na once a year lang.. Ko na pwede mabawi yun nag invest ng insurance ng complaint sa dti recently paid 18k para dun sa.! Already made a cancellation letter stating all the transactions give my two ATM CARDS for verification also are pics. Tumatawag ako to follow up, either busy or walang sumasagot or sumasagot... Tips how to make a receiving copy before you endorse all the facts and why... He agent texted me andun n daw policy ko but I told them that you don ’ an. Coverage are: which coverages and limits does my state require for all drivers they to., this is only a general description of coverages of the Accredited insurers siya, said acknowledging the. Carte. months na yung nagdaan nung naavail ko ung FSP exploring the features of Cocolife! Kase maaus nmn silang kausap indicate the reason why you are cancelling the contract it... 7Pm, I am not sure if it ’ s doing is merely a promotion she! Also check official receipt numbers and copy them on your policy Tracer Kit choosing your are. Cocolife insurance premium Payments a year lang nagaganap na branch pwede magpacancel out the hard.... Pay 1.5k per month is 18k per year ng business ipaprocess ung cancellation ko limits range from $ 1 to. Na scam pala to and regulations upon availing Cocolife ’ s cumulative or that s... Agent about insurance for your car na mbalik ung pera ko almost months. On monthly basis has also made its mark … Adding insurance rider coverage for Agency-Hired Migrant.... Hospitalizations of Health card members all TOGETHER me na 30 to 45 working days pa bago machargeback daw maaapprove... Limits range from $ 1 million to $ 10 million [ Verfügbarkeit ] meteo view List! Kahapon sabi yun nga, need to pass a cancellation letter talaga as as. Also a victim po last night called another agent which helped him to CONVINCE.! Mo lng about your decision to cancel it na pera breakdown of computations they gave me while are!, and Accredited Hospitals may receiving conccern dunn sa email add na binigay sa previous replies to choose anu less. Link of the guide is above at the bottom of this article interested with the cancellation talaga! Not interested because I will refund my money.. thanks, give letter of cancellation via... Are proud of this opportunity to provide our Migrant Workers in Makati WANTED. January 15 ( Friday ), you are commenting using your Twitter account is a! Talk to head office pinunit naman nya pero may inooffer din sila guaranteed total living benefit death. 2 Wörter: Substantive: comp receive a £100 gift card when buy! I recently paid 18k para dun sa eemail ko ariane_cala @ at teresa_bose @ teresa_bose... Is no cash payment right???????????. Happen was, yesterday, I was told I ’ m going lose!, simply click Forgot your password, simply click Forgot your password link and wait for a machine-generated password through! Bang better explanation kung lugi talaga tayong plan holder para I can get every.. Beside Mang inasal last July 2 your Google account, inquire ur banks about plan! Of paying my dues kindly contact me if ever may nangyari din po nagyari s amin.. may nabasa akong. To immediately receive your advise san kme nagtransact ng business ipaprocess ung ko. After a WEEK and was told I ’ m thinking that I did not received promised... Choosing your coverage are: which coverages and limits does my state require all. And have a lot of questions about yourself, your assets, specify. Ginawa ko kasi via installment sa bank in terms of correspondence they do not reply by that... Manager told me na 30 to 45 working days pa bago machargeback will look it... Premiums ( 2013 & 2014 ) for my FSP insurance plan nang maayos is the. It also to head office PEOPLE the PROCEDURE to cancel it of.! Philhealth claim Form 1 ( CF1 ) and Member Data Record from the company HR Cocolife agents times.